School Parliment

The school parliament is constituted of the head boy, head girl, school captain, vice captain, and other office beares from different clubs and houses. The aim and function of the school parliament is to make awareness in the students about the parliamentary system and to make them able to evaluate the present situation and to behave with responsibility. The speaker of the parliament is elected by the students. All members of the parliament also are elected by the students.

The list of the members of the parliament is to be added.

School Parliament 2022-23
School leader Jeslet Mathew
School Captain Anupama Binduraj
Academic secretary Veda K
Arts secretary Ananya laxman
Magazine editor Mithra B Hareesh
Ruby Muh. Zidan Sidan, Rifa Sherin
Sapphire Amil Petter Saji, Anna Mariya Thomas
Topaz Sreenandan PV, Dona Mariya Chacko
Emerald Alan K A , Mourin Mary John